We Have A Good Shepherd


I preached a message recently on Jesus the Good Shepherd, from John 10. I have been meditating on the passage since then. Jesus is worthy of our highest praise. God as our Shepherd promises to provide for His people, lead us, and comfort and watch over us all the way home.

The focus of a good earthly shepherd was to be on his flock- he was to guide them, provide for them, and protect them. The life of a shepherd was difficult working outside in the elements. There were cliffs and crevices the sheep could fall into. The shepherd had to always be vigilant- giving the sheep  constant attention, caring for and watching over them. Jesus does far more for us and I am deeply grateful.

Father God, thank you that you sent your Son Jesus to be our Good Shepherd. He is the door, the entry point, into your family. Jesus knows our names, and cares for us individually as though we were the only sheep to be cared for, yet gathers us to together in your flock for our provision, protection and growth. He grants us abundant life, beyond our human comprehension, reminding us that your grace is superabundant and overflowing. Help us Lord, to be sheep that follow well, and listen to the voice of our Good Shepherd.  Amen


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Lead Pastor, Cross Lanes Baptist Church, Cross Lanes, WV
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