Preaching-Teaching w/an iPad


For the techies who major in this stuff, this information may not be of much value. For those who are still looking for an easy way to use the iPad in preaching and teaching, hopefully this will be some helpful information. I want to share how I practically use an iPad in preaching/teaching that works for me. This applies whether you use scarce notes in an outline, or a more full manuscript.

There are multiple ways to do this, but this is one practical way:

Start with a Word document. Use 20 font and your font style of choice with .5 inch margins.

Mark the document with the system you choose for highlighting, emphasizing, etc.

Number the pages so you can clearly see what they are.

Edit and finalize the document and save it as a PDF either in the cloud or however is most convenient for you.

Download the file to iBooks or email the PDF to yourself and open it in iBooks.

The format will be very user friendly. There will be no scrolling, or losing your place in the notes. You can swipe the pages like a book. The various files can also be grouped within iBooks for easy storage and recall.

Also, set the iPad where it won’t go to sleep. Whether you choose to use landscape or portrait layout, lock the orientation also so it is not spinning when you open it. Adjust the brightness to an acceptable level, and turn off your notifications. I prefer to have it in airplane mode.

With technology, it is always wise to have a backup. Print a paper copy of your preaching/teaching outline/notes, and put it in the back of your Bible just in case there is a malfunction of the technology.

I also think it is important to use an actual Bible, and read from it, even if you have the Scripture embedded within the text of your notes.

Last, the metal or hardback iPad cases are not very helpful. They slide. . . everywhere. Choose a rubber type cover or the right type of leather, and it will not slide regardless of the pulpit of podium you are teaching from.



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