The Value of a Sheep

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An international mission team I led recently worked with children in an annex area near the church we partner with. Upon arrival in the field where the children gather, I noticed a rather strange looking sheep, that turned out to be a ram. He looks like he’s related to Chewbacca! Can you see the resemblance? The sheep was tied out to graze.

As we began to work with the children, I saw the shepherd. He eased up to the edge of the field, still off in the distance. I am sure he was thinking, who are these strange people in the field near my ram? The shepherd was dressed in traditional clothing from the region we were in. After he had surveyed the scene and determined his ram to be safe, he walked back to his home.

The watchful eye of the shepherd was a reminder of the value of a sheep. What was nothing more than a peculiar creature to us, was an object of value to the shepherd. So it is with each of God’s children in terms of our value to him. Who we are, and our worth, is directly connected to who we are in the Chief Shepherd, and what our value is to him. I am thankful we are never away from his watchful eyes.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

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