Ministry During the Holidays

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The time between Thanksgiving and New Years Day can be a blessed time in ministry. Contrary to what the culture warriors have said, most people use the phrase “Happy Holidays” to include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The origin of the word “holiday” is rooted in Old English and literally meant “holy” “day”. While this time can be a blessed time in ministry, it can also be quite stressful with so many activities taking place. How can we redeem the time, and make the most of the opportunities?

This should go without saying, but even in ministry, we must maintain a focus on the spiritual and our relationship with God so we are not caught up in the frenzy of the season. At the center of it all is that God became man and dwelt among us in his son Jesus. Whether it actually took place at this time of year or another is ultimately irrelevant. What matters is that God became man and dwelt among us. What a great wonder!

We must also maintain our own family as a priority. Not to the exclusion of our service to the body of Christ, but because we serve the body of Christ. Your own family needs to be healthy and cared for so they see their importance to you. Our families can especially be blessed through serving others during this season and taking the focus off of ourselves. We are most like God when we are giving. God gave us his very best!

We need to learn to say yes, and we need to learn to say no. Say yes to opportunities to build community during the season, and value relationships with others in the church and community. Say not to opportunities which are simply too much and are going to be more of a burden than a blessing.

Happy Holidays friends!

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Lead Pastor, Cross Lanes Baptist Church, Cross Lanes, WV
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