The Value of Team Ministry


I served recently in an international context, and was blessed by the team ministry approach I observed. The church we worked with is small in number, but they are unified and working well together. The pastor arrived at the church several years ago and began to mobilize the people for mission. Each time I have visited, I have observed growth in their team ministry.

Ministry work may seem easier to do on our own. Because we can move at our own pace and get things done. What are we really getting done though if we are approaching ministry alone? Jesus commanded us to make disciples, and disciples are made through relationships. Team ministry expands on relationships and brings more disciples together for the mission of God.

The value of team ministry is it brings people with a variety of spiritual gifts together. The work is empowered because of the variety of gifts.

The value of team ministry is that different ideas and perspectives are brought together which contributes to creativity and effectiveness. 

The value of team ministry is the work load is shared so that people do not grow weary as quickly because they are working together.

The value of team ministry encouragement which comes through the shared experience. 

Team ministry requires planning, implementation, and evaluation. The results are worth the effort!

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Lead Pastor, Cross Lanes Baptist Church, Cross Lanes, WV
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