Shepherd the Church equips and encourages God called pastors, in how to effectively serve the church based on 1 Peter 5:1-6. The Shepherd is a pastor. For the pastor the model of shepherding can be applied to all areas of life.

The first priority is to follow the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. The second priority is to shepherd your family. The third priority is to shepherd the church God has entrusted you to serve. The fourth priority is to shepherd in kingdom opportunities, outside of the local church to reach people for Christ, and see the Kingdom of God advance.

Jesus instructed us to make disciples. Making disciples is accomplished through relationships. We must take seriously the responsibility to disciple new believers, and also those who are more mature in the faith.

Shepherding Internships

Internships are available for Pastoral Ministry, to prepare God called servants. God called men are raised up through the local church, to be trained theologically and practically, to serve the church. The internship serves as a School of Ministry and is typically a minimum of three months. There is an interview and application process. Available internships depend on openings at the particular time, and the results of the interview and application process.

Shepherding Mentoring

In addition to the internship, there are opportunities for discipleship and encouragement for pastors. Being discipled and encouraged can be helpful if you are seeking general direction for your shepherding responsibilities. Mentoring can also focus on a specific aspect of ministry that you are dealing with and need direction, input, and feedback on from a co-laborer in the ministry.

Areas of Growth For Shepherds

Personal Walk With God, and Family Life

Preaching, Pastoral Care & Church Leadership

Mission Engagement

Evangelism Equipping

Church Vitalization